Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lion's Paw

Endlessly, I comb the surf, searching
as bits and pieces of shell bubble forth
from the water and sand,
the smooth foundation of this island.

Looking now, I see
glistening coral sheaves, pearl-colored turrets
and smoky gray triangles -
like a heron's bill.

And then, in one piece,
as if reaching up and out from the deep blue sea
a perfectly-shaped Lion's paw
appears to greet me.

Happily, I scoop it up
and carefully place it in my bag,
resolving to carry it home
on the airplane.

But, somewhere along the road
from the island to here,
it vanishes -
creating instead, a memory.

Friday, May 27, 2011

No Judgement

up vs. down
soft vs. hard
light vs. dark

in vs. out
warm vs. cold
full vs. empty

yes vs. no
rich vs. poor
seeing vs. blind

smooth vs. rough
pull vs. push
joy vs. sorrow

it's not about
right vs. wrong -
it's about you vs. me

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things to Believe In

Trees, in general, and oaks -
especially Western gamble oaks that survive fire,
and the generosity of apples
falling to the ground.

Seeds, all of them -
winged maple, thistle and poppy,
signaling the inevitability
and beauty of change.

Throaty frog songs at twilight,
the hiss of cicadas in summer,
cattle lowing on a farm,
the sweetness of well-loved music.

Warm and savory soups,
pot roast, of course,
the bite of yeast rising -
good work, hugs, kind words from a friend.

The constancy of ocean waves,
star-studded night skies,
the bedrock of granite mountains -
and anything at all breaking through.

In Memory of Dr. Paul Edmonston
February 3, 2011


it came like a thief in the night,
soundlessly, without warning -
and before you had time
to count what you might lose,
it took all you had
and you were gone

- In memory of Dr. Paul Edmonston,
beloved scholar, artist, teacher and my father.
February 3, 2011

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Viva le Chocolat

In the long part of the day,
around 3 in the afternoon,
you unfailingly beckon me.

Your deep, musky aroma
wafts forth from the cold depths
of my refrigerator.

All resolve crumples
as my hand reaches in, mind wondering:
will it be bittersweet, white or almond-studded?

No matter!
For you are divinity, borne
of cacao plantations far, far away.

Slowly I chew, crunch, suck, gobble, nibble
a lot or a little -
oh, I am undone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Song and Prayer

Oh, faint heart
be now strong
with love of life
and joyous song!

Receive what's good
enlighten minds
expand my soul -
make it kind.

Bless my eyes to see
the beauty that abounds
in each life, the world -
my head be crowned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The slanting, golden light
ushers in
the beginning
of a chill in the air.

Leaves turn dry
and curled bark drops,
casting faint shadows
on the grass,

signaling an end
to warm, summer days -
beckoning longer twilights
and warm, winter nights.